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Synergy Client Solutions is a customer acquisitions company based in the South-West. We offer our clients a tailor-made service from campaign conception to client acquistion. The definition of Synergy is the combined power of a group of things when they are working together which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. There is no better way to describe what we do at Synergy Client Solutions. Our aim it to work together with our clients to provide them with powerful results. When Synergy Client Solutions was founded we were interested in appealing to clients who were looking to outsource their customer acquisition but who wanted a say in how it was done. We know how important customers are to businesses and we know that they usually have a clear idea about they want to interact with them.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Synergy Client Solutions Tries to Turn Stress into an Asset

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, be it at home or work-related. Synergy Client Solutions looks at how you can turn stress into an asset.

All the advice that we ever hear is that stress is bad for you: it damages health, puts relationships under strain and affects your performance. Whilst there is no doubt that these risks are real and in some cases harmful, research by Yale scientist Alia Crum has shown that work strain, when managed correctly can actually have a positive impact on productivity and performance. Bristol-based Synergy Client Solutions takes a look at the advice.

Synergy Client Solutions were intrigued to read about Shawn Achor, an expert in positive psychology, who says “Stress is an inevitable part of work and life, but the effect of stress upon us is far from inevitable.” He continues, “Stress can be good or bad depending on how you use it.”

Firstly one must recognise worry for what it is: a feeling. The heightened reaction, heart racing, tension in the body, is an indicator of how much you care about the task you are about to do. Synergy Client Solutions understands that how much stress you feel is directly correlated to the importance of the activity. Essentially, if it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t worry! Justin Menkes author of ‘Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others’ says that we must recognise that worry is simply an indicator rather than a symptom of dysfunction or a cause for panic.

Next it is important to focus on what you can control. Divide your worries up into that which you can and can’t control. Draw yourself a diagram if necessary. We all know that we spend far too much time worrying about the things that we simply cannot change. The team at Synergy Client Solutions have started trying to train themselves to let go of those things and only focus on that which they can impact.

Make sure that you have a network of support that you can go to. We often tell people half of the problem because we don’t want to freak them out as well. Find someone who the outcome of your problem doesn’t affect either way. They will be able to give you a more balanced response or simply allow you to spill your problems to them.

Finally it’s important to get some stress-handling experience. If you’re not used to stress, you’ll panic when you experience it. Don’t wait for a terrible situation to try out these techniques. Managing director of Synergy Client Solutions, Ben Jeanes, suggests, “If you find public speaking stressful take every opportunity to speak in front of your peers and colleagues even if it’s just to give the morning announcements.” Managing your stress is clearly the key to your success.

Synergy Client Solutions is a customer acquisitions company based in the South-West. We offer our clients a tailor-made service from campaign conception to client acquistion.