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Synergy Client Solutions is a customer acquisitions company based in the South-West. We offer our clients a tailor-made service from campaign conception to client acquistion. The definition of Synergy is the combined power of a group of things when they are working together which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. There is no better way to describe what we do at Synergy Client Solutions. Our aim it to work together with our clients to provide them with powerful results. When Synergy Client Solutions was founded we were interested in appealing to clients who were looking to outsource their customer acquisition but who wanted a say in how it was done. We know how important customers are to businesses and we know that they usually have a clear idea about they want to interact with them.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Can you Tell the Story of Your Business in Less Than One Minute? Synergy Client Solutions Gives it a go.

Synergy Client Solutions, a client acquisitions company from Bristol, looks at the ways that you can dazzle prospective clients or simply explain your business at the dinner table without people losing interest.

We’ve all come across the situation where someone has asked, “What is it that you do?” If you’re a doctor or a lawyer the answer is easy, but if you run your own business or work in a more obscure field it can be a little more complicated than that. Carmine Gallo, a communications coach, recommends you answering these four questions in less than two sentences.

1. What do you do?
2. What problem can you solve?
3. How is your product or service different?
4. Why should a client or customer care?

Gallo suggests that your first sentence should be “Twitter-friendly.” That means you should be able to describe your product or service in 140 characters or less, short enough for a tweet.

Synergy Client Solutions gives it a go:

1. Synergy Client Solutions provides customer acquisitions for their clients through business to business, business to consumer and event based campaigns.

2. Synergy Client Solutions allow our clients to outsource their customer acquisition to us with a value for money service and hassle-free campaigns.

3. Our service is different because we aim to combine our strengths in customer acquisition with their mission and goals to achieve truly excellent results, Synergy working in its purest form.

4. Our results should make you care! We’ve proven ourselves time and time again to be the best in the business. We’re flexible, knowledgeable and driven.

The Managing Director of Synergy Client Solutions comments “It’s incredibly important to pitch your company or product just right. This simple exercise really encouraged us to think clearly about what we do and to get it down to the basics that anyone can understand..”

When you can sum up your business in less than 60 second Gallo recommends that you should be prepared to give tangible example of why your business or product is so great.

“Now we’ve freed up time to talk about what really matters, the success we've had at Synergy Client Solutions!”