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Synergy Client Solutions is a customer acquisitions company based in the South-West. We offer our clients a tailor-made service from campaign conception to client acquistion. The definition of Synergy is the combined power of a group of things when they are working together which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. There is no better way to describe what we do at Synergy Client Solutions. Our aim it to work together with our clients to provide them with powerful results. When Synergy Client Solutions was founded we were interested in appealing to clients who were looking to outsource their customer acquisition but who wanted a say in how it was done. We know how important customers are to businesses and we know that they usually have a clear idea about they want to interact with them.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Synergy Client Solutions Delighted Bristol Making its Mark on Sunday Times Rich List

Yesterday the Sunday Times released its annual rich list and Synergy Client Solutions was impressed to see some Bristol businessmen and women on the list.

The annual Sunday Times Rich List was released on Sunday and it didn’t fail to disappoint. Despite the news of a double dip recession, the 1,000 wealthiest people in Britain are richer than ever with a combined total wealth of £414 billion, up 4.7 per cent from last year. Synergy Client solutions looks at some of the big names making the list.

The names at  the top of the list were largely unchanged from last year with Lakshmi Mittal and his family keeping the top spot despite losing almost £5 billion on his fortune over the last year. Yate-born J.K Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, saw her fortune increase by £30 million to £560 million which put her in 148th place. Successful businessman and Bath Rugby chairman Bruce Craig, who was educated in Brislington, came in at 267th place with a £300 million fortune from his pharmaceutical logistics company.

Synergy Client Solutions was shocked and impressed last year when Peter Hargreaves became Bristol’s first billionaire with a personal fortune of £1.02 billion. However, the stockbroker saw his wealth fall by £190 million over the last twelve months to £830 million. He is the 90th richest person in the UK and the third richest in the south west. The richest person in the south west is Sir James Dyson, the Wiltshire inventor, who has a fortune of £2.6 billion.

Synergy Client Solutions managing director Benjamin Jeanes feels that the news is incredibly encouraging for the region. “Bristol has been growing itself into one of the biggest, most innovative business regions outside of London over the past decade or so. To be producing such a fantastic crop of businessmen and women is incredible news and something to be very proud of. The fact that we have such variety in Bristol is also very impressive.

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