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Synergy Client Solutions is a customer acquisitions company based in the South-West. We offer our clients a tailor-made service from campaign conception to client acquistion. The definition of Synergy is the combined power of a group of things when they are working together which is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately. There is no better way to describe what we do at Synergy Client Solutions. Our aim it to work together with our clients to provide them with powerful results. When Synergy Client Solutions was founded we were interested in appealing to clients who were looking to outsource their customer acquisition but who wanted a say in how it was done. We know how important customers are to businesses and we know that they usually have a clear idea about they want to interact with them.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Synergy Client Solutions Impressed as The Hunger Games sets US Box Office Record

The latest film phenomenon, The Hunger Games has opened in the USA smashing previous records. Synergy Client Solutions, a customer acquisitions company specialising in the entertainment industry takes a look at the record breaking film.

The Hunger Games took £97m in the US box office over its opening weekend. The figures make it the highest sales ever for a film that is not a sequel and the third best opening of all time. The two films that still rank above it are the last film in the Harry Potter franchise which took £106.6m and The Dark Knight at £99m.

The film is based on Suzanne Collins’ novel and follows teenager Katniss Everdeen as she fights for her life in a survivor takes all television show. It stars Jennifer Lawrence. The film has been compared to the vampire series Twilight thought these figures devour theirs. The best opening weekend was for the second film New Moon which pulled in £88.8m.

Synergy Client Solutions specialises in outsource marketing for the entertainment industry and so keeps a close eye on the latest releases which will be big for their clients. They feel that the Hunger Games could be the next big film franchise. “Appealing to a teenage market, whilst still having something that will appeal to adults, is the making of a film franchise. Unlike Twilight, The Hunger Games appeals to both males and females and the slightly edgy strain of anti-government sentiment is sure to capture a wide audience.”

The success of this first film is sure to make it a big success, according to industry analyst Paul Degerabedian who believes that it marks the “birth of a franchise.” Managing Director of Synergy Client Solutions Benjamin Jeanes believes that there is a reason for the success. “Film franchises that come from books start out on a strong footing. They already have a built-in fan base who want to see what the film is like. They can attract big name actors, big investors and big studios to make the film.” With two more books in the series, The Hunger Games is sure to be a growing success.

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